Water Resources Department Assam Interview Notice 2015

Water Resources Department Assam Interview Notice 2015:- With reference to the advertisement no. Janasanyog/2736, 2737, 2738 & 2739/14 and 2812/15 published in different popular local dailies for the recruitment of Section Assistant and Junior Assistant under the establishment of the undersigned, the candidates, selected on the basis of performance of the Written test conducted on 28-06-2015 and 5-07-2015 are called for appearing Viva-Voce/ Computer typing Test at the office of the Assistant Executive Engineer, Sorbhog Water Resources Sub-Division, Sorbhog (Near Bamagar College, Sorbhog) from 10 AM to 5 PM. The individual Calling Letters have already been sent by post. For any quarry in this regards, Ph No. 8724080162 may be called. The results will also be available in website www.laidwrd.in.

Date of Interview and Roll Nos are as follows :-

Section Assistant: Date: 05-08-2015
bo10001,bo10051,bo10597,bo10816,bo11013,bo11032, bo11037, bo11048, bo11265,bo11266, bo11267, bo11472, bo11551, bo11560, bo11597, bo11605, bo12317, bo12573,bo14900, bo14910, bo14995, bo15028, bo15087, bo15088, bo15089, bo15091, bo15174,bo15177, bo15252, bp15894, bp15989, bp16017, bp16093, bp16161, bp16177, bp16541,bp17445, bp17507, bp17551, bp17612, bp17819, BP17921, bp18174, bp18262, bp18283,bp18310, bp19523, bp19746, bp19747, bp19877, bp20487, bp20568, bp20812, bp21111,bp21317, bp21318, bp21434, bp21435, bp21436, bp21651, bp21731, bp21734,bp21808,bp22040, bp22310, bp22431, bp22598, bp23345, bp23406,bp23407.

Section Assistant: Date : 06-08-2015:
bp23412, bp23419, bp23919, bp24153, bp24195, bp24220, bp24310, bp24423, bp24470,bp24969. bp24977, bp24992, bp25000, bp25166, bp25283, bp25319, bp25392, bp25433,bp25470, bp25516, bp25532, bp25554, bp25602, bp25709, bp25815, bp25816, bp25838,bp25871, bp25958, bp26005, bp26018, bp26067, bp26118, bp26119, bp26121, bp26233,bp26282, bp26357, bp26359, bp26360, bp26446, bp26457, bp26459, bp26618, bp26621,bp26625, bp26652, bp26951, bp26953, bp26960, bp26970, bp27095, bp27183, bp27203,bp27213, bp27232, bp27296, bp27317, bp27334, bp27335, bp27378, bp27557, bp27700,bp27710, bp27779, bp27788, bp27864, bp27880, bp27889, bp27912.

Section Assistant: Date : 07-08-2015:
bp27918, bp27921, bp27927, bp27950, bp28014, bp28060, bp28124, bp28126, bp28140,bp28143, bp28210, bp28288, bp28290, bp28296, bp28349, bp28378, bp28385, bp28463,bp28473, bp28474, bp28475, bp28513, bp28605, bp28629, bp28741, bp28747, bp28750,bp28778, bp28797, bp28811, bp28875, bp28954, bp28979. bp28982, bp28991, bp29018,bp29028, bp29147, bp29164, bp29166, bp29197, bp29283, bp29292, bp29294, bp29367,bp29399. bp29405, bp29500, bp29529, bp29551, bp29593, bp29653, bp29660, bp29669,bp29761, bp29771, bp29810, bp29813, bp29894, bp29956, bp29958, bp30011, bp30040,bp30057, bp30081, bp30084, bp30085, bp30086, bp30113, bp30119.

Section Assistant: Date : 08-08-2015:
Bp30272, bp30439, bp30441, bp30482, bp30515, bp30523, bp30544, bp30545, bp30555,bp30596, bp30656, bp30668, bp30694, bp30748, bp30813, bp30880, bp30885, bp30889,bp30945, bp30959, bp30989, bp30993, bp31003, bp31213, bp31241, bp31268, bp31269,bp31274, bp31277, bp31383, bp31385, bp31389, bp31408, bp31476, bp31487, bp31570,bp31636, bp31709, bp31748, bp31755, bp31756, bp31758, bp31777, bp31917, bp31920,bp31924, bp31929, bp31983, bp32008, bp32014, bp32034, bp32064, bp32069, bp32080,bp32081, bp32090, bp32091, bp32096, bp32116, bp32138, bp32202, bp32206, bp32212,bp32225, bp32239, bp32246, bp32248, bp32249, bp32251, bp32258,

Section Assistant: Date : 10-08-2015:

bp32264, bp32310, bp32373, bp32383, bp32443, bp32447, bp32450, bp32456, bp32488,bp32494, bp32511, bp32519, bp32527, bp32532, bp32548, bp32580, bp32598, bp32630,bp32643, hp32336, bp32812, bp32843, bp32879, bp32882, bp32901, bp32955, bp32989,bp32990, bp33001, bp33029, bp33031, bp33041 bp33045, bp33066, ch10108, ch10214,ch10261, ch10362, ch10374, ch10390, ch10776, ch11099, ch11362, ch11545, ch12013,ch12195, ch12196, ch12385, ch12444, ch12461, ch12891, ch13041, ch13048, ch13319,ch13346, ch13397, ch13818, ch13828, ch13837, ch13851, ch13962, ch14017, ch14145,ch14180, ch14191, ch14286, ch14315, ch14480, ch14625.

Junior Assistant: Date : 11-08-2015:
bp10003, bp10011, bp10027, bp10045, bp10052, bp10053, bp10056, bp10057, bp10075,bp10076, bp10085, bp10111, bp10112, bp10115, bp10155, bp10184, bp10185, bp10235,bp10247, bp10250, bp10283, bp10309, bp10316, bp10352, bp10366, bp10367, bp10371,bp10394, bp10398, bp10404, bp10460, bp10513, bp10523, bp10574, bp10577, bp10594,bp10600. bp10605, bp10607, bp10752, bp10757, bp10766, bp10804, bp10807, bp10825,bp10859. bp10868, bp10877, bp10913, bp10984, bp10938, bp10967, bp10971, bp10998,bp11016, bp11023, bp11032, bp11056, bp11071, bp11092, bp11149, bp11157, bp11175,bp11340, bp11341, bp11345, bp11349, bp11369, bp11382, hp11383, bp11410, bp11425,bp11582, bp11604, bp11606, bp11607, bp11609, bp11610, bp11613, bp11784, bp11805,bp11861, bp11863, bp11882, bp11893, bp11915, bp11968, bp12060, bp12061, bpi12145,bp12243, bp12272, bp12291, bp12310, bp12339.

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